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The Dodge Durango's Transmission Provides Benefits on the Road

The Dodge Durango has an eight-speed, automatic transmission system that provides strategic benefits during various travel situations. This transmission hardware is designed efficiently so that motorists can reach reasonable speeds safely while using the towing and hauling tools.

Dodge offers different engines with unique towing specs. If you select a 3.6 Pentastar engine, you'll have opportunities to tow cargo that's up to 6,200 pounds, and you could transport equipment that's up to 7,400 pounds while using the 5.7-liter HEMI engine.

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How Much Cargo Volume is Available in the Ram ProMaster

The primary purpose of the Ram ProMaster Van is to haul cargo. Businesses who choose the ProMaster should look toward their needs before purchasing a ProMaster. A company that is carrying a maximum of two persons to a job site should choose a two-seat trim. A business that is taking a crew of up to five persons along with equipment should pick a five-seat van.

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Is A Muscle Car What You Are Looking For?

For those drivers who value power and performance above all else, a muscle car, more than likely, is the ideal choice for your next vehicle purchase. Sometimes there's nothing like sitting behind the wheel and feeling the power and vibration that's roaring under the hood. The 2018 Dodge Challenger seeks to capture the attention of the muscle car enthusiasts with its features.

The 2018 Challenger brings a lot to the table for drivers to gravitate to. This includes 4 engine options that range from a 3.6L V6 at 305 horsepower to a 6.2L HEMI SRT Hellcat…

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Test Out the Jeep Wranger JK in the Outdoors

The safety features of the Jeep Wrangler make it one of the most popular compact SUVs among people who love the outdoors. If nature is calling you toward an adventure trip, and you need an SUV to get there, the Wrangler JK is a great option.

The Jeep Wrangler is engineered with strong steel to improve its side-impact performance. The gas tank is mounted between the wheels and the frame rails are wide-spaced to handle well. These safety features help the Jeep climb, hug the road, and will give you peace of mind on the highway.

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Read About a Few Safety Features That Come With the 2018 Dodge Journey

If you are in the market for a midsize SUV, the 2018 Dodge Journey offers numerous features that make it an ideal fit. Aside from the vehicle’s contemporary exterior styling and comfortable interior, the Journey also comes equipped with numerous safety features. If you are interested in learning more about the safety features included with the Dodge Journey, please read further.

The Journey comes with a ParkView Rear Back-Up Camera that is displayed on the SUV’s Uconnect touchscreen, which is automatically activated when you put the vehicle in reverse.

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Durability and Dependability Features in the Ram 1500

When you are in the market for a brand-new light-duty pick-up truck, you want to be sure your new vehicle is going to be dependable through the years. Here is why the new Ram 1500 is a top choice for truck buyers looking for a reliable ride.

If you are going to be hauling and towing with your new truck, you want a vehicle that has been manufactured with the best possible materials. Rest assured knowing your new Ram 1500 makes use of the 50,000 psi steel that also incorporates eight ultra-tough cross members to provide additional structural support…

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Differences Between Compact & Full-Size Tires

Ever gotten a free spare tire? Usually, dealerships throw in a spare tire with a new car. These are temporary tires that are great for emergency situations. Lightweight and easy to handle, you can quickly replace a flat and get back on the road with a compact tire. If you don't have a spare tire, you can pick up a temporary tire or donut tire for less than $50. If you want to spend a bit more, you can upgrade to a full-size tire.

Full-size spare tires are meant to handle the load of your vehicle. You can drive…

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The Interior Features of a Jeep Grand Cherokee Continue to Impress

Why is the Jeep Grand Cherokee considered to be a top SUV in the industry year after year? They continue to raise the bar, and this year the interior features are truly impressive.

Whether it is the heat of summer or a blizzard is brewing outside, the interior of your Jeep Grand Cherokee is going to cradle you in comfort. During the hottest days of summer, ride in style as the ventilated seats keep you nice and cool. In the frigid winter months, stay nice and warm with heat-control seating and steering wheel.

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Be Prepared For A Flat Tire

As a driver, there are certain things about your vehicle that are vital to know. Because it eventually happens to everyone, one of these vital things to know is how to change a flat tire. It's best to plan ahead for this eventuality and make sure that you have all the necessary components on hand to ensure you are never stuck on the road.

When changing a flat tire make sure that you choose a safe spot. Then you'll want to loosen the lug nuts before you jack up your vehicle. Once the vehicle is lifted, remove the…

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Tips for Being Able to Jump Start Another Car

To start, always take extra precautions to be wearing gloves and safety glasses if you have to touch or be near the car battery.

Once both cars are nose-to-nose, it's better to turn off the engine and the car lights too.

Open the hood, put on your safety glasses, and clear off the battery terminals with a small wire brush if you see any corrosion.

Unfold your jumper cables, there will be two black and to red clamps.

Red to positive, good battery then bad battery.

Black to negative, good battery first, then you want to clamp the last…
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