While Ram, Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler vehicles have excellent reliability ratings and can offer years of trouble-free performance, every car requires routine maintenance to keep it running smoothly. From something as simple as keeping your car clean to something as complicated as replacing the transmission, your vehicle will require both routine and long-term care from the moment you bring it home to Greeneville. Keeping up with maintenance can get you a better price when you go to sell it and can also help to avoid more expensive future problems by catching issues early.

Routine Repair and Upkeep on Your Vehicle

Routine care for your vehicle includes keeping the exterior waxed to ward off corrosion, checking the tires for both pressure and tread depth, rotating the tires, topping up engine fluids and replacing headlight bulbs or air filters. Most routine care can be completed by the owner, as they require simple skills and tools to complete. You can also bring your vehicle to a service center near Jefferson City, TN for routine care.

Seasonal Carand Long-Term Maintenance

Seasonal care can include changing the viscosity of your oil to match the demands of the season, switching summer tires for a winter variety, replacing wiper blades, and checking the battery for its ability to hold a charge.

Long-term service is usually the result of your vehicle aging and requiring replacement of old parts. Some maintenance tasks come at around 50,000 miles, such as replacing the timing and serpentine belts. Others depend on your personal driving habits, like brake pad replacements or clutch repair.

Maintenance that should be completed by an expert includes inspections of the struts and shocks, differentials and transfer case fluid and transmission fluid systems. These require specialized tools and know-how, and leaving it in the hands of trained mechanics is a good idea.

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